Willamette Valley Metal Recycling Facility

Eugene, OR

Confronted with the environmental challenges of shedder operations expansion, the facility representatives contacted Daniel Scarpine to help navigate storm water management alternatives.

Key Services

  • Collected samples for bench testing
  • Provided design of advanced storm water treatment system using EC
  • Provided permitting, Engineering Report, and technical assistance for construction specification preparation
  • Prepared site water mass balance too size shredder water holding basing options
  • Consulted with shredder manufacturer to develop water quality specification for shedder water reuse
  • Conducted particle size distributions and suspended analysis for specification of screening/filtration devices
  • Prepared design for storm water handling, water storage and filtration feed for shedder make-up.


  • Effluent EC treatment system specified with performance guarantee to obtain benchmark values
  • Selection of Amiad screening system as part of shredder water management Novel design integrated storm water holding and shredder water reservoir to meet offsite flow control requirements and optimize water available to shredder