Kristofer Kaufman  Mr.Kaufman is an environmental scientist whose technical expertise and professional experience has focused on environmental compliance for industrial facilities.  He is particularly adept and well versed in NPDES permit compliance, including industrial stormwater under the EPA, Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology), the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (BES).  With a BS in Environmental Studies and BA in Geography, Kristofer blends highly developed written & oral communication skills, proficient data analysis techniques, and an array of personal communication and technical skills that make him an ideal liaison between industry personnel, engineers/designers, and government agencies.

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We strive to be your single source for water treatment expertise. Successfully executing a project may require content experts from various disciplines. We maintain a network of experts, who include scientists, attorneys, contractors and permitting experts. 

By working in this way, we can take on projects of any size with low overhead while tailoring our team to fit a client's needs. Rather than a cookie-cutter solution, clients get a high-quality work product designed especially for them.

John Arand, P.E. Mr. Arand joined the AE Team in 2010 and provides technical consulting in Chemical Engineering and project management.  Mr. Arand is a licensed professional chemical engineer with over 28 years of engineering experience in the planning, design, construction, start-up, and operation of manufacturing processes & facilities systems in the semiconductor, waste treatment, and nuclear power industries.  His career has included potable & industrial water supply systems, radioactive waste collection, treatment and disposal systems,operation of non-radioactive commercial waste treatment systems at an EPA regulated TSDF, and managing environmental compliance programs and manufacturing sites for various corporations.

An innovator in the field, Scarpine is the primary inventor for a number of water treatment equipment patents. Scarpine managed stormwater and wastewater treatment evaluations for facilities in the semiconductor, galvanizing, cold-steel rolling, metal recycling, and metal fabrication industries, focusing on the removal of heavy metals, suspended solids and organics, as well as pH control.  His significant experience as a construction project manager brings additional negotiation, risk management and execution skills to the projects he manages.  He is a registered professional engineer in Oregon, Washington and Arizona.

Over the last 20 years, founder Daniel Scarpine dedicated his environmental engineering expertise to the design, development and integration of technologies for process engineering industrial water applications. From recycling facility stormwater and industrial wastewater treatment to ultra-high purity semiconductor process waters, Scarpine's experience enables him to design client-specific solutions for a wide range of needs.

David Adams, EI. Mr. Adams is an environmental engineer whose professional experience centers on industrial environmental compliance. His areas of expertise include technical writing, hydrologic modeling, data analysis, and facilitating communication between clients and regulatory agencies. Mr. Adams holds an EIT certification and a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering. His attention to detail is invaluable in regards to city, county, state, and federal codes and permitting

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