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Pacific Corrugated Pip Co. (PCP)

Eugene, OR

Through electrocoagulation (EC) technology and cost-saving problem solving, Aquarius Environmental (AE) designed and implemented a Tier II plan to meet new and more stringent DEQ stormwater regulations.

Located in the rain-laden Willamette Valley, copper and zinc byproduct from the manufacturing process must be contained and mitigated before it is released into the neighboring watershed.

By incorporating languishing on-sire materials into the design, AE designed a stormwater storage and treatment system for the 12.5-acre site while saving material cost. Use of this leftover material resulted in further cost savings by allowing for a smaller and cheaper end-of-pipe EC unit while exceeding rainfall capture requirements and meeting DEQ 1200 Z permit benchmarks.

Key Services

  • Analyzed cost and relative effectiveness of treatment rate and detention volume
  • Assessed property drainage systems and determined efficient rerouting
  • Performed desktop analysis and modeling to gauge effectiveness of possible solutions
  • Provided environmental design services for full-scale containment and treatment of runoff
  • Modified project for high groundwater conditions


  • Surpassed DEQ 1200Z benchmarks
  • Satisfied local code and jurisdictional requirements
  • Cost-saving measures that were customer specific
  • System capable of handling more than 1.4” Daily Rainfall Requirement
  • Integrated multiple drainage systems into single treatment and outfall across 12.5-acres