American Steel

Kent, WA

Due to challenges associated with meeting storm water benchmarks, American Steel selected Daniel Scarpine to provide engineering design and consulting services for storm water treatment.

Key Services

  • Conducted comprehensive site assessment including locates surveying
  • Conducted site sampling to identify metals sources and hotspots
  • Collected samples for bench testing
  • Provided design of advanced storm water treatment system using EC
  • Provided SEPA permitting support, Engineering Report and technical assistance including receiving water biological assessment
  • Led constriction management and commissioning effort for system installation
  • Authored storm water pollution prevention plan O&M Manual


  • Treatment system performs so well, the site has just received approval to discontinue sampling (consistent attainment of Ecology benchmarks)
  • Novel design approach eliminated significant structural and civil work, reducing project budget by greater than 30%Project was constricted on time and within budget