Alter Metal Recycling

Davenport, IA

Alter Metal Recycling has numerous metal recycling facilities in the Midwestern United States. Alter selected Daniel Scarpine to assist with storm water management for upgrades to shredder and downstream recovery systems at the 44-acre Davenport, Iowa, facility.

Key Services

  • Conducted comprehensive site assessment including field locates and conveyance assessment
  • Prepared site hydrology calculation
  • Assessed Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures containment elements and integrated oil control into proposed drainage design
  • Collected storm water samples for bench top settling and coagulant enhanced settling options
  • Conducted suspended solids analysis for specification of screening/filtration devices
  • Prepared specifications for bioswale for downstream recovery building
  • Design and specified water quality vaults for solids and oil control including flow splitter for main outfall


  • Final design was phased to allow easy tie-in of second construction phase
  • Novel design of gravity flow splitter to use 2 pre-cast treatment vaults in-lieu of expensive cast-in-place design
  • Water quality vaults provided supplemental oil control and suspended solids controlBioswale met jurisdictional requirements for new impervious flow control